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GMP Securities’ investment banking professionals have extensive transactional experience, expansive industry knowledge and deep, long-term relationships in the Healthcare/Cannabis sector.

Canada has rapidly become a hub for financing and trading activity in the cannabis space and ongoing regulatory and legislative uncertainty in the U.S. is providing Canadian cannabis companies with a first-rate opportunity to cement themselves as global leaders. Much of this activity is occurring in the small- to mid-cap sectors and is being led by GMP.

The Canadian capital markets ecosystem has a rich history of supporting emerging small- to mid-cap companies and GMP is at the forefront of the emerging cannabis sector. GMP has been an early leader in funding banking relationships when access to bank credit was next to impossible to secure. Moreover, since our inception, we have been connecting small- to mid-cap companies with the capital they need to prosper, so we have the requisite infrastructure and expertise to support their growth.

GMP has one of the most extensive institutional and retail networks in Canada for new product distribution, as well as an expansive global distribution network which offers issuers broad and deep exposure to institutional investors worldwide.

GMP Securities offers a comprehensive suite of investment banking, trading, sales and research products and services to healthcare/cannabis companies. 


Healthcare/Cannabis Contacts

Steve Ottaway

  • Managing Director, Investment Banking
  • Tel:(416) 943-6112

Kyle Gould

  • Director, Investment Banking
  • Tel:(416) 943-6606