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The Ultimate Disrupter

GMP is well-recognized as one of the leading players in the finance world in matters relating to distributed ledger technology. The firm's blockchain/cryptocurrencies investment banking team was awarded Top Gun distinction by Brendan Woods in 2017.

GMP Securities is an innovator in the Canadian financial services space.  As a non-bank owned independent, GMP Securities is recognized as one of the most creative providers of advice and capital raising services to the small- to mid-cap markets in Canada.  The Firm has been on the front lines of technology-driven disintermediation — both as disrupter and disruptee — since its inception in 1995. GMP Securities believes the algorithm for wealth creation is rooted in disruption, and blockchain, with its revolutionary distributed ledger technology, will be the ultimate disrupter. 

There is no innovator's dilemma at GMP.  The Firm is not part of a banking conglomerate that functions as an intermediary paid to "touch and validate" transactions as they grind their way through the traditional payments facilitation grid.  And, GMP does not maintain huge centralized databases that cobble together systems and processes from different decades.  GMP Securities is not a "vested" incumbent.   GMP Securities embraces the opportunity represented by distributed ledger technology and the profound implications for secure, immutable and vastly more cost effective transactions relating to the transmission of value.

GMP Securities' blockchain team of professionals is comprised of thought leaders from its Investment Banking and Research groups.  They are focused on partnering with innovators in the blockchain space - entrepreneurs, technologists, financiers -  who need help navigating the many tiers of the financial services ecosystem.  The Firm's goal, as always, is to facilitate the flow of capital between investors seeking a fair return and entrepreneurs who GMP Securities assesses to have a high probability of producing that return.  GMP Securities looks forward to meeting you and your team. 

Blockchain Contacts

Harris Fricker

  • President and CEO, Capital Markets
  • Tel:(416) 943-6103

Paul Bissett

  • Director, Investment Banking
  • Tel:(416) 941-0801